Music Lessons

Smith Music offers private music lessons for all ages. Our unique philosophy in teaching music gets students to their goals quickly and efficiently.

We train students who want to play by the campfire, attend university, or perform professionally.

In addition to regular weekly music lessons, Smith Music also offer summer music camps for students aged 5-12 and 13-18.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer lessons to beginners?

Yes, as well as teaching intermediate and professionals our teachers can accommodate absolute beginners of any age.

2. What instruments do you teach?

We teach most instruments. Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Piano, Violin, Drums, all school band instruments and many more.

3. How much are lessons?

Lessons are $29 per half hour (when a credit card is on file or post dated cheques are left for the school year).

Single lessons are $32 each. These are great to accommodate shift work and irregular schedules.

25 minute Lessons with Paul Smith are $37.50 (when a credit card is on file or post dated cheques are left for the school year).

25 minute Single Lessons with Paul Smith are $41.25.

Teaching Calendar

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Summer camps

We offer a beginner one week, 1/2 day camp and a high energy one week, full day, “Music Bootcamp” for experienced musicians.

1. Who is eligible for summer camps?

There is a short audition process for each camp. The half day camp is focused on kids 12 an under. The Music Bootcamp is aimed at teens and tweens. Most importantly, we focus on making sure we have compatible personalities in our summer camps. Musical aptitude is important, but an enjoyment of working with others and building a team is most important.

Please contact to set up an interview.

2. What do students do in summer camps?

Both camps focus on learning songs for two performances on the Friday of the camp.

Typically the 1/2 day camp bands will learn six songs to perform and the full day camp will learn 12-15 songs to perform.